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All you need to know about escrow bot

Escrow Bot is an Escrow-based software solution for Buying and Selling on Telegram. Escrow Bot is built on Telegram messenger with principles of Trust and Security. Escrow Bot focuses on optimizing usability, reliability and security for users looking to get paid without hassle or losing money, goods or services online. A good use case is person selling or buying something from someone they have never met but needs to be sure they will receive their service, goods or payment without hassle or flaw. This is where Escrow Bot comes in Whether, you are paying a client for a small freelance gig or paying for any and everything. Escrow Bot got you with our Advanced Escrow System, the bot has gained 20k users since launching in Q4 of 2020.

Our Telegram Escrow Service allows anyone in the world to buy and sell without losing their money, goods or services. Escrow Bot supports BTC, ETH and LTC

Escrow Bot is focused on community and evolution to continue to optimize financial technology for users and to help buyers and sellers based on individual needs. Users maintain control over their Escrow for optimal ease of use with the push of a button.

Our dealings

We provide secure and encrypted escrow services for telegram users ​